200-240 VAC, Total: (20)C13, (4)C19; Per Breaker: (10)C13, (2)C19, IEC 60950 332P6 (IP44), Outlet Metered, Outlet Switched PDU

SKU: ECX-WV1220040-P

The ECX-WV1220040-P input / outlet metered, outlet switched PDU distributes power to devices in the rack and offers real-time phase, circuit breaker, and outlet level metering and network monitoring of power loads for overload avoidance, capacity & load balancing, and energy use optimization. Switched outlets allow power-up equipment sequencing, remote reboot, and outlet access control. A hot-swappable network management control allows for future upgrade and enhanced MTTR. Up to 8 optional environmental can be connected and managed through the PDU. The ECX-WV1220040-P can be monitored through the embedded webUI, telnet, SNMP, or SSH interfaces.

Phase: 1PH

Acceptable Input Voltage: 200-240 VAC

Input Current: 32A

Input Plug: IEC 60950 332P6 (IP44)

Outlet Configuration: Total: (20)C13, (4)C19; Per Breaker: (10)C13, (2)C19

Dimensions: 68.9” x 2.05” x 2.09” (1750 mm x 52 mm x 53 mm)

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Dimensions (WxDxH) 68.9” x 2.05” x 2.09” (1750 mm x 52 mm x 53 mm)
Orientation Vertical
Power Cord Length 10′ (3 m)
Input Current 32A
Input Phase 1PH
Input Power 7.4 kVA
Overload Protection (2) 16A, 1-pole, 5kAIC, hy-mag circuit breakers
Outlet Configuration Total: (20)C13, (4)C19; Per Breaker: (10)C13, (2)C19
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Safety Compliance UL, CUL
EMC Compliance CE-EMC, FCC, ICES
Environmental Compliance RoHS
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