Recently, the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak has once again demonstrated the effectiveness of the use of oxidation technology in air purification of medical facilities around the world. Air purification and oxidation make a significant contribution to speeding up patient recovery times as well as preventing the spread of viruses, bacteria and other harmful indoor pollutants.

Although the technology was originally developed for healthcare facilities, research-based technological advances and demands from the public and employees for more efficient production processes have contributed to the adoption of air purifiers by commercial, educational and public interiors.

Covid-19 Outbreak 2020
On December 1, 2019, doctors detected signs of a brand new and potentially deadly virus in a person not present in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan province, China. This was important because the forty people who were noted to have the same symptoms had connections to the seafood market. Finding a person with the same disease and not sharing a common connection was the first sign of an infectious virus. The virus spread rapidly to other countries in the world after Wuhan province due to the global economy and integrated travel networks. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the new virus called Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, with the number of cases outside of China increasing by 1.2% over the previous two weeks.

The response of the Chinese government to the outbreak of COVID-19 was rapid. Within days, 14 temporary hospitals were built by the authorities to deal with the number of hospitalized patients associated with the virus. The first hospital opened on February 5th and treated 1,848 patients in just 34 days.

China had experience dealing with COVID-19 due to epidemics such as SARS and swine flu.

Authorities appreciated the importance of clean and disinfected air in the treatment of the new outbreak – High Efficiency Air Particulate (HEPA) cleaners have been installed at many local health facilities to help patients breathe during treatment.

Use of Air Purifiers in Healthcare Facilities
Doctors have long recognized the value of clean air, both in the recovery time of the patient and in its effectiveness in preventing further infection in their patients. Indoor air quality is directly linked to outbreaks including SARS, MRSA, and Legionnaires’ disease.

Many bacteria and viruses live on the air and surfaces in healthcare facilities. For every medical facility there is a need to decontaminate their interiors to protect against harmful contaminants such as infectious diseases, chemical wastes and health-threatening microorganisms that risk patients, personnel or the environment.

In addition to general decontamination procedures such as sterilization, antisepsis treatment, disinfection, ultrasonic cleaning, water treatment and regular cleaning, air purification reduces the risk of airborne infections.

Oxidation technology can be found in air purification system installation in healthcare facilities as well as other establishments. Controlled oxidation with the use of compounds such as chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and ozone effectively and quickly removes threats to human health and comfort such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and produces better results. Advances in a newer oxidation technology called photohydroionization are showing very promising results and are used in many products that reach the market such as Airius PureAir.

Airius PureAir air cleaning and odor control system; It is based on the latest oxidation technology to protect staff, visitors, patients, guests and other stakeholders from indoor air pollution. There are many healthcare applications for the Airius system, including doctor surgeries, dentist surgeries, hospitals, first aid facilities, nursing homes and general medical facilities. 4 log reduction technology reduces virus presence and surface bacteria up to 99.9%.

In the independent test results of Airius PureAir, it reduced the presence of MRSA, Norwalk Virus, Streptococcus, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Candida Albicans and SARS by 99.99% in just 24 hours. The same was recorded within 48 hours for listeria, mold, streptococcus pneumoniae, staphylococcus aureus, and bacillus globigii.

However, the use of PureAir is not limited to medical facilities. Other businesses – including the military and education sector – are investing in the system to reduce the presence of odors, gases, vapors and VOCs.

Feedback to Airius PureAir from medical facilities, businesses, retailers, schools and the public sector has been very positive. In addition to a 20% reduction in absenteeism, a cleaner working environment and better stakeholder health, the product:

The system is maintenance free

From the unobtrusive size of PureAir units

Without reduction in CO2 emissions, heating costs and cooling costs

They are satisfied with its compatibility with existing HVAC systems.

We work with public sector organizations and the private sector to improve the physical environment for staff and the public and reduce energy expenditure. Our customer staff includes British Airways, Harrods, Mercedes, Siemens, Morrisons and Waitrose.

Why Choose Pure Air Series?

With COVID-19 upsetting the world order, everyone has the question of “how do we protect ourselves?” The answer is simple, health organizations recommend that “bacteria, germs and viruses” be avoided. Sounds easy right?

But how do you protect people in confined spaces such as hospitals, shops, schools, hotels, banks, gyms, restaurants and cafes? One possible solution is Airius Air Purification Devices. A simple Air Purifier can be fitted to any existing Ducted / Split / Packaged Air Conditioning System. It has been independently tested by “Kansas State University” to neutralize more than 99 percent of microorganisms.

Simply put, Coronavirus can be shrunk or even reduced on surfaces or in air wherever the PHI Cell is operating. We may not be able to stop the Coronvirus from affecting our businesses and our daily operations, but with the help of these Air Purification solutions, you can be confident that the next “Flu or Virus” that hits us can be met and overcome. It can be ensured that personnel work, activities are carried out and that shopping malls, airports and restaurants are operational in a safe and risk-free environment.

With a simple addition to the ventilation system in your facility in as little as 30 minutes, you can return to a healthy environment within hours.

Advantages of Airius PureAir fans:

– Continuous air purification

– Kills more than 99% of surface bacteria and viruses

– Kills more than 97% of bacteria and viruses in the air

– Reduces odors by more than 99%

– Reduces mold by over 98%

– Reduces gases, vapors and VOCs by over 80%

– Clean and healthy care environment

78% of germs in human sneezes killed at 3 feet

– Increases staff productivity

– Reduces staff absenteeism

– Reduces Sick Building Syndrome

– Advanced atmosphere oxidation technology

– Easy to install without the need for channels

– Small, versatile, inconspicuous units

– Established and proven technology

Cost-effective Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution

– maintenance free

What is PHI?
The breakthrough in PHI advanced oxidation technologies is an oxidant group known as Hydroperoxides. Hydroperoxides have been a common part of our environment for over 3.5 billion years. Hydroperoxides are formed when there are three components in the atmosphere: oxygen molecules, water vapor, and energy (electromagnetic). PHI has the ability to form hydroperoxides.

Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides are very effective in destroying harmful microbial substances in the air and on surfaces. As oxidants, they do this by destroying microbes through a process known as cell breakdown, or by altering their molecular structure and rendering them harmless (as with VOCs and odors). The amount of hydroperoxide required to perform this task in a conditioned space is consistently well below the level in the outside air. The Advanced Oxidation Technology in the PHI product family has brought the oxidants in the outdoor air to the conditioned area of ​​your home.

There are no known cases of hydroperoxides posing a health risk. Considering that we have been exposed to hydroperoxides in nature since the day humans stepped onto the planet, it is a reasonable assumption that hydroperoxides do not pose a health risk.

PHI-Cell®️ trademark, Photohydroionization®️ trademark, RGF Environmental Group, Inc. in the US and / or other countries.

Air Purification in PHI Cell
This advanced Air Purification Technology can be retrofitted to existing air conditioning ducts, split and package units at less cost than the losses caused by plant shutdown. What do you expect when such a cost-effective, proven and effective solution is available?

The fan emitting advanced oxidation plasma (0.01 – 0.02ppm) circulates Hydro-Peroxides, superoxide ions and hydroxide ions through the space and neutralizes more than 99 percent of microorganisms.

The breakthrough in advanced oxidation technologies is a group of oxidizers known as Hydroperoxides that have been a common part of our environment for over 3.5 billion years.

Airius warrants that the products listed below will work properly and will be free from defects in material and workmanship according to the following conditions:

Photohydroionization (PHI) Cell: 2 Years (All Parts / Components)

Recommended bulb replacement after 2 years

Please refer to the Installation, operation and maintenance manual for full warranty details.

Fan Models

Continuous Purifying

PureAir Series is an air purification and air flow circulation fan system incorporating the latest PHI (Photohydroionization) Cell technology to effectively and effectively neutralize harmful microbes, bacteria, viruses, molds and other contaminants in any indoor environment.

PHI Cell emits “Ionized Hydroperoxides”, a naturally occurring cleansing agent; this is then dispersed through the fan air flow and circulated through the cavities. As the fans constantly circulate the indoor atmosphere, PHI circulates the neutralizing Ionized Hydroperoxides providing 24/7 continuous Air Purification.

Advanced Oxidation

The Airius PureAir Series includes a patented PHI (Photohydroionization) Cell within the fan unit, emitting broad spectrum HE / UV light projected onto a quadruple metallic target. This process causes a reaction that produces ‘Ionized Hydroperoxides’. Hydroperoxides are known as the ‘Mother Nature Cleaning Agent’ and they make the air smell clean after the storm.

These Ionized Hydroperoxides circulate in the spaces inside the fan. When bound with harmful elements such as Microbes, Bacteria and Viruses, they react, creating an aggressive, advanced oxidation process that breaks them down, making them ineffective and odorless.

Gas, Steam & VOCs

In addition to cleaning the air and surfaces, PureAir Series also reduces Gases, Vapors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in spaces by more than 80%.

Most environments, including home, contain a variety of different gases, vapors, and VOCs. These can be released from many sources, from paint sprays, printers and cleaning chemicals to wall paint or smoke. When these accumulate, they can have harmful and in some cases permanent health effects on the exposed. Studies also show that low levels of exposure can also increase the risk of health problems such as asthma.

25,000 Hour PHI Cell

PureAir’s integrated PHI (Photohydroionization) Cell consists of a high density broad spectrum UV tube with a hydrated catalytic matrix cell and a UV bulb housed in a protective poly tube. These components are then placed in a protective metal cell for durability.

In addition to the 5-Year Warranty provided with the fan unit, the integrated PHI Cell is launched with a 25,000-hour life expectancy and a 2-Year Warranty, providing customers with the security they need when investing in air purification systems.

Reduces HVAC Costs

PureAir Series not only provides all the benefits of safe, clean, germ-free and odor-free air, but customers also enjoy the broad benefits of the world’s most popular air conditioning fan.

Improved comfort and environmental control, low energy costs for heating and cooling, Carbon Footprints and a reduction in CO2, these are just some of the many advantages of installing an Airius PureAir Fan system.

From Air & Surfaces

Circulating Ionized Hydroperoxide cleaning molecules around the environment through a circulation fan means they can fill the space completely, settling on any wall, furniture, equipment or any other surface. As it settles, it reacts with harmful microbes or bacteria, neutralizing them, making them ineffective and safe.

Mildew & Odors

Maintaining clean and healthy environments is very important for all businesses and public spaces. Mold is probably the most important health factor affecting air quality and potentially causing respiratory problems.

PureAir Series has been independently tested and proven to reduce Mold by over 98% and Odors by more than 99%.

Adaptable & Discreet

The PureAir Series is only 311mm high and 325mm in diameter on our Standard Titan Series 10, 15 and 25 Models, or 600mm x 6000mm on our Suspended Series Models and is designed to fit seamlessly into a chamber on the ceiling. It can be applied to ceiling height up to 14m.

This makes the PureAir Series an ideal Air Purification solution for both retrofitting and new structures, and can be quickly adapted to changing floor plan and location changes due to its ease of installation.

Speed ​​Control

All Airius fan units, including the PureAir Series, come with variable speed control options with Airius 1 AMP, 5 AMP and EC wall mounted speed controllers.

This allows you to customize your setup to get maximum efficiency from your Airius system all season.

BMS & Wireless Control

Airius fans are designed to operate 24/7, 365 days a year to maintain stable temperatures. Simply plug it in and let it run quietly in the background and watch your savings increase.

But sometimes there are apps where this is not the case, or where buildings remain empty for a certain period of time. In these cases, Airius fans can be installed in timers or integrated into the Building Management System (BMS). Airius fans can even be set up with wireless control, offering ease and flexibility to control your system at the touch of a button on your wireless device.

Special Colors

All Airius PureAir destructive fans have a black ABS resin housing. For installations where color and aesthetics are a factor, Airius fans can be RAL color matched painted to suit your unique application.

These subtle color choices help PureAir Series fans fall into the background. You may forget that the fans are there, but you will always appreciate the constant improvement in air quality and comfort.

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