Copper Cables

Enconnex offers 100% tested, reliable, and cost-effective copper patch cables in a variety of configurations. We are a Cat6 and Cat6A cable manufacturer and can order the other categories of copper cables as well. All Enconnex copper cables are riser-rated (CMR) cables and, therefore, exceed industry safety standards. Available in 24AWG and slim 28AWG sizes and custom-labeled to the port.

Fiber Optic Cables

All Enconnex fiber optic patch cables are fully tested and assigned a unique serial number for traceability. We offer OS2, OM3, and OM4 fiber patch cables in various cable colors and lengths. We use a superior rigid fixture polishing system for all fiber cabling designed for complex, multi-fiber applications. Additionally, we can terminate with LC, MTP/MPO, SC, SN, CS, or MDC connectors, up to 24 fibers.

Network Transceivers

Enconnex network transceivers are fully tested for compatibility and are MSA compliant. Supporting transmission speeds of up to 400Gbps with transmission distances of up to 100km. We carry SFP, SFP+, SFP28, QSFP+, QSFP28, and QSFP-DD transceivers with configurations including SR, LR, ZR, multimode, single-mode, and more available. High-quality, reliable, and cost-effective optical transceiver modules with a variety of connectors.

Patch Panels & Cassettes

Our patch panels and cassettes are solutions built to maintain and improve the health and performance of your IT or data center cabling environment. Rack space is valuable and our solutions can help save space and improve the organization of your server rack or cabinet. We offer 48 port patch panels, 24 port patch panels, MTP cassettes, MPO cassettes, and LC cassettes in a variety of configurations.

DAC & AOC Cables

Our AOC and DAC cables come pre-terminated and pre-assembled for quick and easy deployment. All cables are 100% tested to ensure industry-leading signal integrity and consistency. SFP+ (10G), SFP28 (25G), QSFP+ (40G), and QSFP28 (100G) cables are available in a variety of configurations to fit your network’s requirements. Cable color, length, functions, labels, and EEPROM content are highly customizable.

Adapters & Accessories

We take pride in offering comprehensive data center network cabling solutions. We stock numerous data cabling supplies, materials, and products. Our fiber optic adapters allow users to interconnect and align two connectors of the same type with precision. Offering LC adapters, SC adapters, MPO adapters, and MTP adapters. Our loopbacks help test your network configuration.

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