Basic PDUs

The Enconnex Basic PDU distributes power to devices in the rack configured with premium high-temperature, branch-rated hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers.

Input Metered PDUs

Metering capabilities provide the data needed to make more informed decisions about energy management.

Switched PDU

Switching functionality makes it possible to cycle PDU outlets on and off remotely. Switched outlets allow power-up sequencing, remote reboot, and outlet access control.

Outlet Metered PDUs

In addition to the features of the Input Metered PDU, the Outlet Metered PDU monitors the individual device power metrics to optimize growth and energy usage.

Outlet Metered, Outlet Switched PDUs

Combining all the features of the Switched PDU and the Outlet Metered PDU, this is the ultimate in PDU technology for all your data center monitoring needs.

Universal PDUs (UPDUs)

UPDUs make global data center infrastructure and network power easy because of their versatility. UPDUs support common AC power configurations and simplify global IT infrastructure needs.

Increase Capacity

Our lithium-ion UPS utilizes less space in the server rack and allows for greater server rack capacity.

Smaller Environmental Footprint

Eliminating toxic lead waste and reduced energy consumption makes our A6000 UPS better for the environment and green energy goals.

OPEX Savings

Less power consumption, lighter weight, and longer battery life equal operational costs savings that impact immediate and long-term budgets.

7x Longer Runtime

The extended runtime of the lithium-ion battery technology provides a longer lifetime value of the UPS.

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