Seismic and Vibration Solutions

Today, Data is stored in multiple Data Centers. Hundreds of different industry data such as Mobile Phone data, e-mails, corporate data, National Health data, Bank Account data, Tax data and so on are stored in Data Centers.

Data Centers are designed with redundancy especially for the critical powers listed below;

-Air Conditioning and Power Infrastructure
-Communication Infrastructure
-Fire and Leakage Water Security
-Restricted Entry
-High Physical Security
-And a lot like that
However, there is an issue that is omitted, which is Vibrations and Earthquakes. Unexpected accelerations, both inside and outside, cause damage to IT devices. Damage to IT devices causes data damage.

-Construction vibrations nearby
-Vibrations created by railway tracks
-Heavy traffic
-First jolts of generators
-Air conditioning fans
-And most importantly earthquakes

ASHRAE and Uptime Institute respectively state that Seismic Activity should be 0.7m / s² and 0.8m / s² to ensure Operational Continuity. This again corresponds to an acceleration value of 0.07g and 0.08g, respectively. Higher accelerations than this

-Increased delay in Data Transfer in Operations
-Storage and Calculations delay
-Increase in power consumption
-Errors in Reading and Writing Data
-Database crashes
-Loss of Data
-Corrupted Drivers
-Cable and Fiber connections broken
-Failure to fulfill SLAs
-Collapse of Raised Floor
-Partial or entire Data Center shutdown

Seismic Risks and Shocks will create Unexpected Accelerations in Data Centers that can reach IT Equipment and Sensitive Devices horizontally and vertically.

Seismic and Vibration Solutions

Product Features

  • Lightweight cast aluminium grate design
  • 60% Open Area delivers 1,184L/s at 25 PA
  • Cool over 18kW per rack at 25 pa
  • 6.7 kN design load performance
  • Directional Airflow for 93% Capture Index
  • MAnual and automatic airflow control options
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