Seismic Raised Access Floor Solutions

Earthquakes cause great destruction in many countries around the world. These shocks and accelerations affect critical forces, but also cause damage.

Seismic Raised Floor is the infrastructure that enables critical powers to survive and continue functioning during and after an earthquake without being damaged. It ensures that critical powers operate without collapse and damage in places such as Data Centers, System Rooms, Energy Rooms where critical powers are located and the need for raised floors appears.

Seismic Raised Floors are produced in different models according to the required carrying capacities, although they have high bearing capacities. Seismic Raised Floor does not absorb the seismic and vibration impact and forces. Seismic Absorbtions is made with Seismic Isolators where you can find in our Seismic and Vibration Solutions. Please click for Seismic and Shock Isolation and Vibration products for many critical powers such as Data Centers, System Rooms, Energy Rooms, Generator Rooms, Container Data Centers.

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